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What’s Next in CAR T Cell Therapy

Imagine enhancing the natural cancer-fighting ability of the body’s immune system by removing immune cells, growing and/or making changes to them outside of the body, and then re-infusing them back into the patient. 

In this webinar for patients and caregivers, our expert highlights a revolutionary new treatment approach—CAR T cell immunotherapy—that s/he helped pioneer. By taking patients’ own immune cells and equipping them with superior cancer-fighting capabilities, CAR T cells have already provided immense benefits for patients with leukemia and lymphoma, and now these powerful “living drugs” are being used in solid tumors too.

Our expert will be announced shortly. 

The "Cancer Immunotherapy and You" webinar series is produced by the Cancer Research Institute and is hosted by our science writer, Arthur Brodsky, Ph.D. The 2019 series is made possible with generous support from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Cellectis.
Browse our Cancer Immunotherapy and You Webinar Series playlist on YouTube or visit the Webinars page on our website to see other webinars in this series.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.

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