The CRI Anna-Maria Kellen Clinical Accelerator investigated how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting ongoing and future oncology clinical trials with a combination of surveys and interviews of oncology clinical investigators globally as well as analyses of data from IQVIA and We hope to inform the cancer research community of challenges, risks, and contingencies through academic publications such "Impact of COVID-19 on oncology clinical trials" in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (May 2020).

Clinical Trials Stopped Due to COVID-19

In order to continue monitoring the pandemic, we compiled all clinical trials stopped due to COVID-19 below using


Clinical Trials to Treat COVID-19

While some clinical trials have reported stopping due to COVID-19, more have emerged to treat patients with COVID-19. We have compiled all clinical trials from where COVID-19 was mentioned as the condition for enrollment.


Clinical Trial Analysis Publications

The most recent CRI report on this subject is "Impact of COVID-19 on oncology clinical trials" in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (May 2019). 

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Data Sources: Cancer Research Institute (CRI) analytics derive from public data sources, including trade news, company press releases, academic publications, FDA announcements,, and conference reports, and proprietary data sources including, but not limited to, GlobalData. The analytical algorithm and visualizations are developed by and therefore sole property of Cancer Research Institute.

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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.