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The Cancer Research Institute established Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program to support investigators who are studying critical topics at the intersection of laboratory and clinical research in immuno-oncology. CLIP grants provide up to $200,000 over a two-year period. 

In partnership with the Chordoma Foundation (CF), CRI has secured limited funding that will provide for additional CLIP grants focused on topics related to accelerating the development of effective treatments and ultimately a cure for chordoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull base and spine. Please be advised that CF has chordoma models and banked tumor samples that are available to the research community. For more information, please email grants@cancerresearch.org

Proposals in all cancers are encouraged.


CLIP Grants provide funding for qualified scientists who are working to explore clinically relevant questions aimed at improving the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapies. The grant will support pre-clinical and translational research, which will provide information that can be directly applied to optimizing cancer immunotherapy in the clinic.

Candidates for a CLIP Grant must hold a faculty appointment as a tenure-track assistant professor (or higher rank) at the time of award activation. If not, documentation from their institution must accompany the Letter of Intent indicating they will hold the position of assistant professor (or higher rank) by the time of award activation. CRI has no citizenship restrictions, and research supported by the award may be conducted at medical schools and research centers in the United States or abroad. Please note that CLIP Grants do not support research at for-profit institutions.


CLIP Grants provide up to $100,000 per year for two years. The funds may be used for salary, technical assistance, supplies, capital equipment, or scientific travel. CRI does not provide funds for indirect costs. Payments are made quarterly in U.S. currency to the host institution.


The process for applying for a CLIP Grant consists of two parts:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Invited Application

The deadline for the receipt of the Letter of Intent is November 1. Candidates will be notified by December 15 whether or not they have been invited to submit a full grant proposal. The full application is due February 1. If these deadlines fall on the weekend, applications will be accepted until the close of business that following Monday. The earliest an award can activate is July 1. Awards activate on the first of the month.


Letters of intent must be submitted electronically. One you access the application, you will be asked to create a user account unique to you, which will catalogue all applications you submit to CRI.

Enter in all relevant information, paying special attention to spelling and punctuation. Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, and typing in all capital letters. Click the numbered links at the top of the web page to move from page to page. Do not use your browser's "BACK" button to navigate, as this will cause all data to be lost. You can save your application at any time by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of each page.  

Uploading Supporting Materials

After you have filled out all required fields on the online form, you will be asked on the final page of the application to upload, in this order, the following supporting documentation in individual PDF documents:

  1. Abstract of research in nontechnical English explaining the importance of the proposed research and its clinical relevance. Not to exceed 250 words.
  2. An initial research concept (succinct description of the proposed research, description of the relevance of the proposed research to cancer immunology, description of how your proposed project bridges laboratory and clinical discovery), not to exceed 3 pages.
  3. Brief description of your current research.
  4. Curriculum vitae and bibliography (limit bibliography to past 5 years or publications relevant to proposed research).

Only PDF documents will be accepted. All files must be uploaded individual in their respective sections on the online application form. 

When you have finished uploading the attachments, click "Submit." You will receive a notice confirming that you have successfully submitted your Application Form. Immediately after, an automated notification from CRI will be sent to your email address, also confirming submission.

If you encounter problems uploading your attachment, email it to grants@cancerresearch.org. Be sure to note the application number, which will be assigned to you at the time of submission.

Online applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline date. If the deadline falls on the weekend, applications will be accepted until the close of business that following Monday. We strongly suggest submitting your applications as early as possible to provide ample time in case your application is incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Formatting Guidelines

Any documents you attach to your online application form must be typed single-space using a 12 pt. or larger font size.

Completing the Online Application Form

New Users

You will be prompted to create a user account unique to you, which will catalogue all applications you submit to CRI. You will use this account every time you login.


Returning Applicants

Visit the login page to access your saved application.


*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.