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  • The grant will be awarded to a single investigator who is leading a collaborative team that includes at least one FUS researcher and one cancer immunologist.
  • The principal investigator must hold a faculty appointment as a tenure-track assistant professor (or higher rank) at the time of award activation. 


  • Grants are $200,000, payable over two years
  • Deductions for administrative overhead or indirect costs of any kind are not permitted.
  • Payments are made quarterly in U.S. currency to the host institution


The deadline for the receipt of the Letter of Intent is January 15, 2018. Candidates will be notified by February 1 whether or not they have been invited to submit a full grant proposal. The full application is due April 1.


Letters of intent must be submitted electronically. Once you access the application, you will be asked to create a user account unique to you, which will catalogue all applications you submit to CRI. If you have submitted a grant application to CRI in the past, please log in with your existing user account.

After you have filled out all required fields on the online form, you will be asked on the final page of the application to upload, in this order, the following supporting documentation in one PDF document:

  • Abstract of research in nontechnical English explaining the significance of the proposed project and how it addresses critical unanswered research questions with the potential to move the field towards new device/drug combination therapies. Not to exceed 250 words.
  • Initial research concept (succinct description of the proposed research plan with specific aims and timelines) and description of the how the proposed research has the potential to create combination therapies using focused ultrasound and immunotherapy, not to exceed 3 pages.
  • Brief description of your current research.
  • Curriculum vitae and bibliography (limit bibliography to past 5 years or publications relevant to proposed research).
  • If applicable, curriculum vitae for all group members, as well as a description of each member's research focus.

Only PDF documents will be accepted. All files must be combined into one document and named according to the following formula: if your name is John Brown, your file should be called Brown John.pdf. Do not submit multiple attachments.

When you have finished uploading the attachments, click "Submit." You will receive a notice confirming that you have successfully submitted your Application Form. Immediately afterward, an automated notification from CRI will be sent to your email address, also confirming submission.

If you encounter problems uploading your attachment, email it to grants@cancerresearch.org. Be sure to note the application number, which will be assigned to you at the time of submission.

Online applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline date. If the deadline falls on the weekend, applications will be accepted until the close of business that following Monday. We strongly suggest submitting your applications as early as possible to provide ample time in case your application is incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Any documents you attach to your online application form must be typed single-space using a 12 pt. or larger font size.

Completing the Online Application Form

New Users

You will be prompted to create a user account unique to you, which will catalogue all applications you submit to CRI. You will use this account every time you login.


Returning Users

Visit the login page to access your saved application.


*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.