Fellowships & Grants

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Since its inception, the Cancer Research Institute has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to support research conducted by more than 3,200 scientists and clinicians worldwide to understand the immune system and how it can be harnessed to conquer all cancers. This work has laid the foundation for nearly every major cancer immunotherapy breakthrough over the past half century.

Guided by an international panel of the world's leading immunologists and cancer immunologists, including Nobel laureates and members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, CRI provides essential funding to support every stage of discovery, from laboratory investigation to clinical trials of the most promising cancer immunotherapies for patients.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Application Deadline: April 1; October 1

The CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program furthers career development and supports laboratory research for promising young scientists working under the mentorship of leading immunologists.

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Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program

LOI Deadline: November 1

The Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) grants provide catalytic support for the translation of basic laboratory discoveries into novel therapies that can be tested in patients.

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Lloyd J. Old STAR Program

Application Deadline: January 15

The Lloyd J. Old STAR Program provides grants of $1.25 million over 5 years to mid-career scientists. This long-term funding is not be tied to a specific research project, but rather aims to provide a degree of flexibility and freedom for investigators to explore out-of-the-box and disruptive avenues of research. Candidates selected for this award are expected to be future “stars” in the field of cancer immunology: Scientists Taking Risks. 

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Technology Impact Award

LOI Deadline: November 15

The CRI Technology Impact Award provides seed funding of up to $200,000 to be used over 12-24 months to address the gap between technology development and clinical application of cancer immunotherapies.

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Impact Grants

CRI's Impact Grants support research projects and initiatives aimed at advancing defined scientific and technological goals and addressing major challenges that would otherwise limit progress in cancer immunotherapy research and drug development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which scientists are eligible to receive support from CRI?

Cancer scientists at nonprofit research or clinical institutions can apply for fellowships, grants, and awards. CRI has supported many initiatives, from basic laboratory studies to clinical trials testing novel immunotherapies. Proposed research must be immunology-based, preferably with potential for direct application to cancer treatment.

Are scientists who work outside the U.S. eligible for CRI support?

Yes. To date, CRI has given fellowships and grants to more than 3,200 scientists in the United States and abroad.

What kind of support is available to scientists?

CRI offers postdoctoral fellowships for advanced immunology training at top institutions and practicing cancer immunologists can apply for the Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP), which funds two years of support for translational research. We also offer other funding opportunities. Learn more about our grants and programs.

How does a researcher apply for funding from CRI?

For application information, visit our Grants and Programs page. All funding decisions are made by our Scientific Advisory Council.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.