Philip Kranzusch, Ph.D., CLIP InvestigatorDana-Farber Cancer Institute

As a new investigator, the CRI CLIP program’s support is critical as it allows our lab to launch a new line of investigation to understand the role of STING activation in antitumor immune responses.
Area of Research: All Cancers

STING is an important immune-related protein that helps sound the alarm when DNA—such as from viruses or cancer cells—is found where it shouldn’t be. Activation of STING stimulates an immune response, and by activating STING in the tumor environment it may be possible to boost immune responses against cancer. However, because STING’s precise mechanisms remain poorly understood, Dr. Philip Kranzusch seeks to characterize how its structure changes during activation and define the specific gene program required to stimulate immune responses against tumors. The results of these experiments will guide the design of next-generation STING-activating drugs that can be used to enhance immunotherapy’s effectiveness.

Projects and Grants

Controlling Activation of STING Responses in Cancer Immunotherapy

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | All Cancers | 2017

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