Matteo Bellone, M.D., CLIP InvestigatorFondazione Centro San Raffaele (Italy)

“One shot against cancer is not enough. Even the smartest immunotherapeutic approach cannot win against aggressive cancer cells. Thus, my motto is: one-two-three punch to fight cancer.”
Area of Research: Melanoma, Prostate Cancer

Using multiple therapies together can be a more effective approach to treating cancer. Unlike many single therapies, to which tumors can develop resistance, combination therapies can target cancer from several different angles and overcome tumor resistance. To that end, Dr. Bellone is exploring the effectiveness of one such combination―consisting of checkpoint inhibition, adoptive cell transfer (ACT), and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)―against mouse models of melanoma and prostate cancer. His initial results are very promising, as the triple combination treatment greatly increased survival. Next, he plans to determine how these therapies affect tumors throughout treatment, which will hopefully reveal the mechanisms that enable effective anti-tumor responses and which must be maintained to ensure tumor elimination. Hopefully, this information will help improve therapeutic approaches for patients with advanced, tough-to-treat cancers.

Projects and Grants

Combining adoptive T cell therapy to tumor vessel targeting and checkpoint blockade for cancer therapy

Fondazione Centro San Raffaele (Italy) | Melanoma, Prostate Cancer | 2014

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