Jamal Zweit, Ph.D., Clinical Team LeaderVirginia Commonwealth University

Area of Research: Kidney Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Zweit, along with Craig L. Slingluff Jr., M.D., is working on strategies to target SAS1B, a marker highly expressed on the surface of tumor cells in uterine, pancreatic, and renal cancers. They have identified anti-SAS1B antibodies that could kill the cancer cells and be used for imaging purposes, and have also made peptide fragments of SAS1B for use in vaccines. Their next steps are to test the reactivity of these vaccine peptides, develop better tumor-targeting anti-SAS1B antibodies, and come up with a way to load these antibodies with anti-cancer drugs.

Projects and Grants

Immunotherapeutic targeting cell surface neoantigen SAS1B

Virginia Commonwealth University | Kidney Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer | 2015

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