Guangchuan Wang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University

With the support of CRI, I am fully devoted to uncovering the key factors involved in cancer immune evasion and immunotherapy resistance, with unprecedented enthusiasm and confidence
Area of Research: Liver Cancer

While current treatment and liver transplantation strategies are reasonably effective for patients with early stage liver cancer, once the disease has advanced it becomes much harder to treat. Checkpoint immunotherapy has provided relief for some patients with advanced liver cancer, but the majority of patients still either don’t respond to the treatment or else develop resistance after initially responding. To address this, Dr. Guangchuan Wang is using a novel gene-editing approach to discover new factors that are responsible for resistance to immunotherapy. Identifying and validating the contribution of these factors will provide insights that could be used to improve immunotherapy approaches for liver cancer by helping doctors determine treatments might work best for which patients as well as highlighting novel targets for which future therapies could be developed.

Projects and Grants

Genetic dissection of PD-1 pathway immune checkpoint blockade in liver cancer

Yale University | Liver Cancer | 2017 | Sidi Chen, Ph.D.

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