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The Anna-Maria Kellen Clinical Accelerator is designed to help accelerate and de-risk clinical study and development of next-generation combination cancer immunotherapies. Developed over the course of a decade by Cancer Research Institute and its partner, Ludwig Cancer Research, Clinical Accelerator is powered by a series of modules each designed to overcome discrete obstacles to the launch of the most effective clinical trials possible. 

Global Clinical Researcher Network

An international collaboration of ~80 of the world’s leading clinician-scientists with expertise in tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy clinical trials, immune monitoring, and correlative research.

Clinical Trials Management Team

A highly experienced team of clinical trials management professionals offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities spanning regulatory sponsorship, protocol development, medical monitoring, data capture, reporting and analysis, and more.

Clinical Strategy Teams

Specialized teams of immunologists within our Global Clinical Researcher Network working together on specific topics of importance to immunotherapy, designed to identify and validate novel combination treatment strategies preclinically and inform our pipeline of future clinical trials.

Centralized Access to Top Therapies

Through strategic partnerships with industry and nonprofit organizations, the Anna-Maria Kellen Clinical Accelerator gains access to a portfolio of priority drugs for testing within our Global Clinical Researcher Network, including checkpoint inhibitors, therapeutic vaccines, innate immune stimulants, cancer markers, small molecule inhibitors, and many other promising treatments and technologies with high therapeutic potential.

Nonprofit Venture Capital Fund

A philanthropic venture fund, investing at a run-rate of between $20 million and $30 million per year, designed to de-risk the launch of early-stage combination clinical trials, and to enable the program’s clinical research pipeline to become self-sustaining over time through returns on investment back to the charity.

Bioinformatics and Immune Monitoring

Currently in development, this program will aim to collect, organize, and validate massive amounts of data generated by clinical trials across our global member network sites in order to generate novel insights into biomarkers for safety and efficacy, novel treatment strategies, and personalization of treatment regimens.


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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.

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