Clinical Development

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Clinical trials are essential to getting new treatments approved for cancer patients. The Cancer Research Institute has created a clinical development program designed to speed this process to get the most promising treatments to patients sooner. Guided by the expertise of its global network of clinicians and laboratory scientists, CRI designs and funds science-based clinical trials, and working with our nonprofit and biopharmaceutical partners, sponsors and conducts clinical research with the potential to save lives. CRI also convenes industry scientific leaders, who work together to discuss and develop solutions to today’s most pressing clinical development challenges.  

Clinical Accelerator
The Clinical Accelerator is the Cancer Research Institute’s venture philanthropy program designed to help spur the creation of next-generation combination cancer immunotherapies through partnerships with academia and biopharmaceutical companies.

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Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium
A “think tank” of industry leaders from the cancer immunotherapy field who seek solutions to challenges in late-stage drug development, with the goal of accelerating patient benefit.

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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.