Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, NY

Dr. Nina Bhardwaj is the director of immunotherapy and the medical director of the Vaccine and Cell Therapy Core facility at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Bhardwaj is an expert on dendritic cells (DC), and has designed and run clinical trials that utilize DCs, including a CRI-funded trial that is treating patients with anti-PD-L1 and anti-CTLA-4 checkpoint immunotherapies along with the immunoadjuvant poly ICLC. In recognition of her accomplishments, Dr. Bhardwaj received the 2015 Frederick W. Alt Award for New Discoveries in Immunology. Currently, her work continues to investigate ways we can improve dendritic cell-based immunotherapies, both in the lab and in the clinic.

In addition to being a member of CRI’s Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Bhardwaj serves on both the Postdoctoral Fellowship Review Committee and the CLIP Grant Review Committee, and is also a member of CRI’s Clinical Leadership Committee.

We want to understand how to use innate immune cells to reverse immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment.
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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.