Broad Institute
Boston, MA

Dr. Hacohen is the Director of the Center for Cancer Immunology at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Co-Director of the Center for Cell Circuits at the Broad Institute.

Dr. Hacohen leads a group of immunologists, geneticists, biochemists, technologists and computational biologists to develop unbiased strategies to dissect immune response in health and disease, with an emphasis on the innate immune system and personal medicine. Several major questions are addressed: How are immune responses against cancer initiated, maintained and evaded? What are the immune circuits that sense and control pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria? How does immunity against the body develop in autoimmunity? The group also applies unbiased analytical strategies to develop real-world therapeutics, with completed and ongoing human clinical trials of personal neoantigen vaccines (with Dr. Catherine Wu at DFCI) based on a computational analysis of the personal tumor genome.

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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.