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The Most Promising Cancer Treatment of Our Time

Immunotherapy is a powerful developing therapy with the potential to impact all cancer types, changing the way cancer is treated and cured—forever.

Immunotherapy Matters, For One and All

Immunotherapy promises to change the lives of all people affected by cancer. Get to know the unique benefits of cancer immunotherapy below.

What types of cancers can immunotherapy treat?

Immunotherapy is used to treat all cancers

Immunotherapy enables the immune system to recognize and target cancer cells, making it a universal answer to cancer.

Immunotherapy has been an effective treatment for patients with certain types of cancer that have been resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatment (e.g., melanoma)

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Does immunotherapy have any side effects?

Immunotherapy side effects can be different from those seen with chemotherapy or radiation. They are usually related to stimulation of the immune system and can range from minor symptoms like rash, itching, and fever, to major conditions similar to autoimmune disorders and, in some rare cases, more severe side effects including death.

These side effects vary by type of cancer immunotherapy and each patient can respond differently. It is important when receiving treatment with immunotherapy to notify your doctor of any side effects, as many of these can be treated to prevent worsening.

How long does immunotherapy last?

Immunotherapy can “train” the immune system to remember cancer cells. This “immunomemory” may result in longer-lasting remissions.

Clinical studies on long-term overall survival have shown that the beneficial responses to cancer immunotherapy treatment are durable—that is, they can be maintained even after treatment is completed.

How does immunotherapy work?

Cancer immunotherapy is unique because it uses the power of the body’s own immune system to treat cancer.

Cancer Immunotherapy works in two ways:

  • boosts your immune system to help eliminate cancer cells
  • enhances: the immune response by providing your body with additional components
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