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Cancer Research Institute Hosts Inaugural “Immuno-Oncology: A Future Look” Media and Investor Event in New York City

  • Discussion of the next wave of scientific advancements in immuno-oncology by panel of industry and academic leaders
  • Conversation moderated by CNBC’s Meg Tirrell and Dr. Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, CEO and director of scientific affairs at CRI

NEW YORK, June 21, 2019 – The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of immunotherapies for all forms of cancer, announced that it will host its inaugural “Immuno-Oncology: A Future Look” event today in New York City at the New York Academy of Sciences from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm ET.

The invite-only event for healthcare investment analysts and the media will bring together leaders from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and academia for a thoughtful discussion about the next wave of scientific advances in immuno-oncology and how these advances are shaping immunotherapy drug development and the future of cancer treatment. The full list of panelists includes:

Academic Panelists

  • James P. Allison, Ph.D., Director, CRI Scientific Advisory Council; Chair of Immunology, Executive Director of the Immunotherapy Platform, Deputy Director for Applied Research of Genitourinary Cancers, and Director of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; 2018 Nobel Laureate
  • Philip D. Greenberg, M.D., Member, CRI Scientific Advisory Council; Head of Immunology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Robert H. Vonderheide, M.D., D.Phil., Member, CRI Scientific Advisory Council; Director, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania

Industry Fireside Chat Participants/p>

  • Awny Farajallah, M.D., FACP, Vice President, Head U.S. Medical, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., Founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer, Regeneron

Discussions at the event will be moderated by Meg Tirrell, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals reporter at CNBC and Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, Ph.D., chief executive officer and director of scientific affairs at CRI. Opening remarks will be given by Andrew K. Tsai, co-chairman of CRI’s Board of Trustees and co-founder and chief investment officer at Chalkstream Capital Group.

“The cancer treatment landscape had been profoundly impacted by advances in immuno-oncology, and we are excited to bring together some of the best and brightest minds across both academia and industry to create a forum for dialogue on the future of cancer treatment and the latest developments in the field,” said O’Donnell-Tormey. “It is our hope that sharing perspectives on cancer immunotherapy will foster greater collaboration and help shape the development of new and effective immune system-based treatments.”

A recording of the event will be available at 12:00pm EDT on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, and can be accessed by visiting www.cancerresearch.org/future-look.

About the Cancer Research Institute 

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), established in 1953, is the world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to saving more lives by fueling the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all types of cancer. Guided by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Council that includes four Nobel laureates and 24 members of the National Academy of Sciences, CRI has invested more than $400 million in support of research conducted by immunologists and tumor immunologists at the world’s leading medical centers and universities, and has contributed to many of the key scientific advances that demonstrate the potential for immunotherapy to change the face of cancer treatment. To learn more, go to cancerresearch.org.

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Save more lives by fueling the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for All Types of Cancer

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