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Celebrate Cancer Immunotherapy Month (CIM) by organizing a special event. The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) has been fortunate to receive support at a variety of special events organized by corporate partners, lifelong supporters, first-time fundraisers, and passionate immunotherapy advocates. Here are a few ideas: 

Arrange a virtual fundraiser. Challenge friends and family with an online event and fundraiser. For example, invite them to create a special food or drink. Consider your dress code or décor. We’re all in this together, on the other side of video call.

Organize a corporate social responsibility and team-building event with your employees. Your team will bond over the shared challenges they have faced—everyone has a friend or family member impacted by cancer—and the extraordinary hope that immunotherapy offers in the fight against cancer.  

Hold an #Immune2Cancer Party. Whether a ladies luncheon or evening cocktails, friends and family will support a future immune to cancer. Ask guests to wear white in honor of our white blood cells and donate to raise money for cancer immunotherapy research. Given the dress code and the cause, it will be an event to remember!

Set up an educational event in your community. Raise awareness of the lifesaving potential of cancer immunotherapy with an educational event at a safe, outdoor space, or a virtual event organized through a local library or club. More people need to know about these new treatment options and other resources for cancer patients and caregivers. 

Learn more about fundraising for cancer research and download a fundraising toolkit.

Contact events@cancerresearch.org for ideas and help organizing your CIM event.

Contact Sharon Slade for bulk orders of our limited edition Cancer Immunotherapy Month t-shirt for your event.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.