Stories of Hope

Meet some of the patients that have seen their cancers overcome as a result of being treated with immunotherapies, thanks to the discoveries and developments made by Cancer Research Institute scientists.

Janie Ferling
When Janie, a mother from L.A., learned that a lump in her neck was malignant melanoma, she was determined to do whatever she could to be around as long as possible for her son.
Brenda Berchtold
Breast Cancer
When Brenda, 51, was first diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in 1986, her treatment options were limited. But much has changed since then, and Brenda is now receiving immunotherapy.
Judy Gray
Lung Cancer
When Judy, 68, was facing a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, she took a predictably analytic approach to her treatment options and enrolled in a new immunotherapy clinical trial.
Emily Whitehead
At only 6-years-old, Emily faced a life-threatening recurrence of leukemia. Determined to save her life, her parents enrolled her in a clinical trial.
Marguerite Sullivan
Marguerite credits immunotherapy with allowing her to carry on with her normal life while also receiving the best care for her cancer, metastatic melanoma.
Brendan Connors
After successfully finishing a combination of immunotherapies for metastatic melanoma, 32-year-old Brendan seized any opportunity for adventure.
Don H.
Lung Cancer
When computer professional Don, 61, was facing a grim prognosis from chemo-resistant lung cancer, he did what came naturally: he took to Google to research his options and learned about immunotherapy.
Maureen O'Grady
Lung Cancer
In 2010, Maureen participated in a clinical trial of a new immunotherapy drug called nivolumab to treat her stage 4 lung cancer.
Bob Carlson
Lung Cancer
Because chemotherapy for his stage 4 lung cancer was a concern, Bob, 71, enrolled in an immunotherapy clinical trial.
Richard Catlett
Kidney Cancer
For 7 years, Richard endured round after round of treatment for kidney cancer, but it always came back. Then, in 2013, he enrolled in a clinical trial of nivolumab.
Lynn Luckeroth
Lynn is no stranger to cancer, having lost both her mother and her son to the disease. When she herself was diagnosed with melanoma, she looked to immunotherapy.
Gene Ogle
Pancreatic Cancer
When Gene learned he had pancreatic cancer, he was determined to spend more time with his grandchildren by enrolling in cancer immunotherapy clinical trials.
Sue Bohlin
Sue was free from breast cancer after a five-year battle, but she was diagnosed with a new, unrelated cancer two years later: melanoma.
John Yaryan
Prostate Cancer
When John, a 77-year-old Air Force veteran, was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, he enrolled in a clinical trial to test the immunotherapy Yervoy.
Christine Sable
Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer survivor Christine shares her powerful story of hope and perseverance in the face of "the cancer that whispers."
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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.