Supporting the Cause

We are all impacted by cancer in some form or another. Meet some of our donors and supporters and learn why they are dedicated to increasing cancer immunotherapy awareness by helping the Cancer Research Institute fundraise.

DJ Eric Prydz
The famous DJ donated ticket sales from his concerts to CRI in honor of super-fan James Lillo.
Inlanta Mortgage
Inlanta Mortgage again chose CRI to be the beneficiary at their yearly conference’s raffle.
Tiffany and Sage Berting
7-year-old Sage wanted to honor those who lost their lives to cancer. So she drew pictures to raise funds for cancer research.
Saddened by the actor Alan Rickman's death from pancreatic cancer, a T-shirt company raised $54,000 for CRI from a Harry Potter-themed T-shirt.
Jessica Haze
A popular makeup artist's goal to raise $100,000 in 100 days for CRI.
Tidewater Travel
Because Janet, a travel agent, lost family and friends to cancer, she wanted to create a cruise fundraiser to support a more effective type of cancer treatment for patients.
Nolan and Ileana Beck
In memory of his lifelong friend, Bryce, Nolan and his wife, Ileana, decided to bike across country to raise funds for immunotherapy research.
Sherri Thompson
Sherri doesn't know a single family that hasn't been touched by cancer. So when she learned of CRI's work, she wanted to do something big and held a benefit concert.
Enphase Energy
Inspired by her coworkers battling cancer, Deborah came up with an idea: she would shave her head if her company raised $5,000 for CRI.
James McGary
Professional longboarder James is going the distance: he's longboarding from Seattle to New York City to raise money for CRI.
Emma Saunders
With her family ravaged by cancer, Emma wanted to do something huge to help conquer the disease. She decided to run in the Great Wall of China Marathon as a fundraiser for CRI.
Jacques C. Nordeman
CRI trustee Jacques Nordeman has been steering the course against cancer for more than three decades.
David Courtenay
Having had four brothers battle cancer, David was inspired to make a 800km fundraising trek a journey of a lifetime.
Mary Jo Bramson
Mary Jo and her friends organized fundraisers over the next 10 years for CRI, raising more than $687,000 in total.
Joel Paula
Cyclist Joel Paula biked 4,000 miles to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute, and to prove he could do it.
Penny Bolton
Each year, Penny holds a fashion fundraiser for cancer research by selling bras for a cause.
Mark E. Fischbach aka Markiplier
Since 2013, Markiplier has creatively leveraged his 50.5 million followers across social media through fun events to raise over $500,000 for CRI’s programs and increase awareness for medical research
Keith Landesman, M.D.
Cardiologist Dr. Landesman tragically lost his life to cancer in 2008. To honor his memory, his family hosts their annual golf tournament and silent auction to support cancer research.
MacLean C. Sellars, Ph.D.
Former CRI postdoctoral fellow MacLean ran the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon in memory of his mother and helped raise $3,000 for CRI.
Alexis Feldman
Since 2008, Alexis Feldman has led a group of highly motivated young New York City professionals who are committed to ending cancer deaths.
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