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The Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy Summit 2021

Jay Campbell, Managing Director of CRI Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund, examines new funding models designed to speed up solid tumor research during the “Innovating Finance, Non-Traditional Funding Source​” virtual panel session on April 29.

The Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy Summit 2021 spotlights advances in cancer cell and gene therapies, emphasizing the progress made in solid tumors. Learn how Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy researchers and other world class scientists, biotech and pharma leaders, venture capitalists, philanthropists, and patients are pushing the boundaries of science to overcome challenges in treating cancer. The agenda includes panel discussions addressing the progress of cancer cell and gene therapies from the lab to the clinic to the patient, and culminates with a keynote panel in which Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, Carl June, MD, and Nobel Laureate James Allison, PhD, ask “Does Cancer Have a Future?”

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