Women's History Month Stories

Jennifer Kososki

CRI Associate Board Member

How did you hear about CRI?  

I joined its Associate Board alongside my husband Trent. We were inspired to raise money for cancer research in memory of our friend, neighbor, and wedding officiant Tom who succumbed to cancer. Each fundraiser reminded us of Tom, from the ‘White Party to White Out Cancer’ in California to the ‘Answer to Cancer’ Road Bike Race where we traveled a combined 110 miles in upstate New York. We even ran some fundraising events in cycling studios in NYC to raise money for immunotherapy cancer research and awareness for CRI’s efforts. 

What are you looking forward to in 2023 for fundraising?  

I am excited for the future of fundraising with CRI’s Associate Board. I enjoy in-person events because they reach many people at once, and going to just one event can have a ripple effect for those attending and the organization. It is important to organize in-person events that help spread the word about CRI and the impact that more funding can have on cancer immunotherapy research.  

Once supporters know the story, feel a connection, and then meet in person – they will continue to donate and will always find a way to be involved.  I hope to host a future event in our new home city of Houston with CRI’s Scientific Advisory Council Chair Jim Allison. I continue to be inspired by my husband’s natural talent for gathering people together. We will keep working together to raise money and awareness for CRI and cancer immunotherapy research. 

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