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Xiaoyang Wu, Ph.D., Technology Impact Award Grantee

University of Chicago

Area of Research: Cáncer de mama

Dr. Xiaoyang Wu is developing a novel drug delivery system to improve the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy treatments.

In pursuit of that goal, Dr. Wu invented a novel lactate-responsive drug delivery platform by targeting cancer metabolism. Metabolic reprogramming is a hallmark of human cancer, and increased glucose uptake and lactate accumulation (called the Warburg Effect) are common features of tumor cells.

To target drug delivery to tumors with elevated lactate levels, he designed a novel nanoparticle system in which the loaded drugs will only release in a lactate-enriched environment. Preliminary studies demonstrate superior specificity and efficacy of this platform for breast cancer immunotherapy.

In this proposal, Dr. Wu will examine the loading and release of different immunotherapeutic drugs in this system, determine the therapeutic effects, and explore the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. Overall, his work seeks to provide an important proof-of-concept and serve as the basis for clinical development of more effective and safe treatment for different cancers.

Projects and Grants

Enabling precision oncology by targeting the Warburg Effect of tumor

University of Chicago | Breast Cancer | 2023

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