CRI Funded Scientists

Sean Bendall, PhD, Impact Grantee

Stanford University

Area of Research: Brain Cancer

New therapies are urgently needed for patients diagnosed with gliomas, rare but often lethal cancers of the brain and spinal cord. Exciting outcomes in patients have been seen recently with the use of various immunotherapies. However, further insights into brain tumor immunobiology are needed to guide rational selection and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

This study, led by Sean Bendall, PhD, and Robert Michael Angelo, MD, PhD, is using Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI) to image intact glioma tumor samples from pediatric and adult patients in response to cancer vaccinescheckpoint inhibitors, and cellular therapies. This dataset will inform therapeutic strategies based on the presence of tumor targets, expression of immune inhibitory proteins, and the types and functional statuses of T cells and myeloid cells within the context of the tumor microenvironment. These characteristics will then be analyzed and interpreted in the context of patient outcome as well as molecular or other clinical characteristics.

Projects and Grants

High Dimensional Protein Characterization of Glial Tumor Tissues and Relevance to Outcomes in Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Stanford University | Brain Cancer | 2019

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