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Cindy Stowell Continues to Inspire

November 06, 2017

Cindy Stowell realized her lifelong dream of appearing on Jeopardy! in 2016, and won six games while battling stage 4 colon cancer. Unfortunately, Cindy died just one week before her episodes aired that December. She chose to donate her winnings to the Cancer Research Institute to fund research into developing lifesaving immunotherapies for patients with colorectal cancer. 

Cindy’s winning streak qualified her for the Tournament of Champions airing this week on Jeopardy!. Her fellow champions will be wearing blue ribbons to support colon cancer awareness, and host Alex Trebek will make a special announcement on Tuesday, November 7th. Update: Host Alex Trebek announced a $10,000 donation from Jeopardy! to the Cancer Research Institute in Cindy's honor. 

Sam Scovill, the three-game champion who ended Cindy’s amazing run, is urging fans to make donations to the Cancer Research Institute in her memory, and Andy Saunders is donating $2 of every item sold in The Jeopardy! Fan Online Store during the month of November to CRI in her memory. 

We’d like to thank Jeopardy!, their contestants, and their fans for their continued support in Cindy’s memory. If you would like to give, please visit www.cancerresearch.org/cindy-stowell

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