CRI Funded Scientists

Carina de Oliveira Mann, PhD, Eugene V. Weissman Fellow

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Area of Research: All Cancers

The protein STING plays a crucial role in enabling the immune system to mount a first defense against pathogen infection and tumor growth. It is still unknown how STING exerts its potent anti-cancer effects, and in particular how STING interprets different stimuli and controls distinct downstream signaling responses. Dr. Carina de Oliveira Mann will address this fundamental question by defining the mechanism of differential STING-induced signaling, and determining how synergy between alternative STING responses affects antiviral and antitumor immunity. Dr. de Oliveira Mann’s research aims to identify the components of STING that are responsible for these activities, and potentially discover new avenues through which STING can be used to enhance immune responses against cancer.

Projects and Grants

Mechanism of STING activation of distinct immune signaling outputs

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | All Cancers | 2017 | Philip Kranzusch, PhD

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