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Ask Miguel Anything: CRI Fellow Dr. Miguel Reina-Campos Answers Reddit User Questions About Cancer Metabolism and the Immune System

30 de junio de 2021

Reddit is a network of communities based on people’s interests and is no stranger to the scientific community. On June 29, 2021, CRI postdoctoral fellow Dr. Miguel Reina-Campos of the University of California, San Diego joined the AskScience Ask Me Anything (AMA) series on Reddit to share new research and breakthroughs in cancer metabolism and the immune system.

Although Dr. Reina-Campos is an active Reddit user, he took over the Cancer Research Institute username to respond to users as part of our Cancer Immunotherapy Month awareness and educational activitites. During his AMA, Dr. Reina-Campos answered a variety of questions from his scientific background and his outlook of the field to parallels between humanity and cancer.

The thread kicked off with a question of how Dr. Reina-Campos uses new technologies in his research.

On a related now, another Reddit user wanted to know which techniques he uses to study T cells in diverse tissue environments.

One user asked for Dr. Reina-Campos to explain the implications of his current research.  

While his research may focus on more fundamental biology, the goal to save more lives from cancer is always in mind. One user asked Dr. Reina-Campos if he foresees there being a single treatment that will work for all cancers.

Finally, this user didn’t hesitate to approach Dr. Reina-Campos with a philosophical question about the parallels between cancer and humanity. 

While signing off, he took a moment to thank CRI for hosting him on the AMA and supporting his work at the University of California, San Diego as well as the opportunity to raise awareness of immunology and tumor immunotherapy among the general public.

Thank you, Dr. Miguel Reina-Campos, both for your work and for sharing it with the wider world!

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