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Do Something Epic in 2015!

On June 6-7, 2015, riders will cycle 150 miles through scenic New York, all for the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). The 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause. All you need is motivation, a bike, and a helmet. Here are some inspiring stories about why people are doing it.

Team CRI rider Daniel Dunlow

Shortly after registering for the Ride, Daniel Dunlow sat down with his mother and wrote a list of everyone he knows who has been affected by disease. They discovered that there are over 25 people in Daniel’s close family and friends who have survived or died from cancer.

“I know so many who have been affected by cancer, and I thought that if I was physically able to ride this bike for 150 miles, I should.”

Daniel Gershburg’s father passed away 13 years ago from lung cancer. Now, as a grown man, he wants to honor his father by raising money for cancer research. He describes The Ride to Conquer Cancer as “completely outside the box”—it involves the entire cancer community, and infuses the money right into research.

“The Ride to Conquer Cancer is an event that will push you beyond your boundaries. Push yourself to attain your personal goals because the journey is the most important part of this adventure.”

Kathy Coursen’s husband T.J. was diagnosed in 2002 with sarcoma. Since his first surgery, he has had over 50 tumors removed. Kathy and T.J. are thankful for the outpouring of support from their family, friends, and community, who are combating cancer with the two of them.

“We are thankful that I learned about this ride. It is not only an opportunity to raise much needed money for research, but also to raise awareness of the everyday struggles and fears of living with cancer.”

In December of 2012, Brian Howard’s brother, Patrick, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The road to recovery was not easy, but Brian is happy to report that his brother beat the odds and is in remission. When Brian saw the advertisement for The Ride, he knew this was something he had to be a part of.

“Everybody knows someone who has been affected by cancer. The more people that help make a difference by riding, while raising money and awareness, the better off we all can be. Hopefully we can beat all cancers, not just one type.”

Team CRI rider Michael Brenkert and family

Michael Brenkert’s mother passed away in 2003 from breast cancer. When his mom was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses told him how important research is in curing this terrible disease. He is riding to support CRI and the lifesaving immunotherapy research that could have saved his mother’s life.

“My mother is just one of many people in my life who have battled cancer. I want to make an impact by raising as much as I possibly can for the Cancer Research Institute.”

We are thankful to these riders and the many others who are participating in the Cancer Research Institute’s 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer. We hope that you too can join Team CRI on this epic journey and help us raise critical funds to support breakthrough cancer immunotherapy research for many patients. For more information or to register, go to

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