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Immunotherapy Featured on NBC Sports

For those of you watching the 49ers vs. Seahawks game on Thanksgiving night, you might have seen a heartwarming half-time segment that also caught the attention of some folks here at the Cancer Research Institute.

For the past few months, Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson has spent every Tuesday visiting kids in the cancer ward at Seattle Children’s hospital—bringing them football souvenirs and general positive energy to make their stay in the hospital just a bit less bleak.

Patient Milton Wright with Russell Wilson

Seattle Children’s is home to some of the most exciting research being done on immunotherapy for pediatric cancers like leukemia, under the direction of Dr. Michael Jensen, whose research CRI has supported.

In addition to admiring the overall awesomeness of the work being done at Seattle Children’s, CRI was excited to see that the spot featured the remarkable story of Milton Wright, a 20-year-old former football prodigy who beat advanced leukemia with the help of a new immunotherapy called CAR T cell therapy. Milton’s story was featured in our “30 Days, 30 Stories” campaign, which appeared on our new patient oriented website as part of Cancer Immunotherapy Month in June.

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