Alexa Schles

Graphic Designer
New York | Email | (212) 688-7515 x266

Alexa Schles joined the Cancer Research Institute as a graphic designer in 2016. She is responsible for upholding the organization’s brand across media as well as the design and execution of various projects, including CRI’s major fundraising campaigns and events. Moreover, she has helped guide and clarify the visual identity of the organization. 

After graduating from Queens College in December 2012, Alexa worked primarily as a freelance designer for many different organizations, ranging from Bloomberg to The Oratory Society of New York. While she has worked in both the for-profit and nonprofit sector, she has always felt a special connection to the nonprofit sphere, aiming to create designs that will benefit the greater good. 

Outside the office, Alexa has many varied interests including animals, nature, mental health advocacy, illustration, music, philosophy, and culture. 

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