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Executive Director for Technology Development
Ludwig Cancer Research
New York, NY
Dr. Jonathan Skipper is the Executive Director for Technology Development at Ludwig Cancer Research, with responsibility for developing and executing value-creating partnering and licensing strategies for product opportunities emanating from Ludwig’s research programs across a range of technologies and therapeutic areas. He manages Ludwig’s intellectual property and clinical trials operations and has successfully completed transactions with numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.

He has been instrumental in establishing seven international start-up oncology companies formed to develop different Ludwig technologies. These include: monoclonal antibody companies Recepta BioPharma S.A, Brazil, Life Science Pharmaceuticals Inc, US, Vegenics Ltd, currently a subsidiary of Circadian Technologies Ltd, Australia and CT Atlantic A.G, Switzerland; personalized medicine-biomarker companies Serametrix Inc (US) and Activiomics Ltd (UK) and drug development company iTeos Therapeutics, (Belgium).

Dr. Skipper currently serves on the boards of Recepta BioPharma, Serametrix Inc. and iTeos Therapeutics. Dr. Skipper obtained a Ph.D in Immunology from University College London and completed further research at the University of Virginia and the University of Oxford.
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