E. John Wherry, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. E. John Wherry is the Barbara and Richard Schiffrin President’s Distinguished Professor, chair of the Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics in the Perelman School of Medicine and director of the UPenn Institute for Immunology. Dr. Wherry’s expertise lies mainly in T cell exhaustion, which can hamper anti-tumor immune responses. He has published over 200 papers, many of which have helped advance our understanding of how gene expression changes affect this exhaustion, which has led to strategies to improve the effectiveness of T cell-targeting immunotherapies. In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Wherry received the Distinguished Alumni award from the Thomas Jefferson University, the Stand Up To Cancer Phillip A. Sharp Award, the Cancer Research Institute 2016 Frederick W. Alt Award for New Discoveries in Immunology, and is a member of CRI’s Clinical Leadership Committee.

[Our major goal] is to understand the mechanisms of T cell exhaustion during chronic infections and cancer.
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