Oliver R. Grace Jr.

Board Member
Board of Trustees
Palm Beach, FL

Oliver R. Grace, Jr. is currently president of Associated Asset Management, Inc., which specializes in equity investment worldwide, and is general partner at Anglo American Security Fund, LP. He is also the director of Second London American Growth Fund, PLC., and is currently president and general partner of Grace Development, Inc., which manages properties primarily located in Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina. He recently served as director and founding shareholder of Take Two Interactive Software, Inc., a company that publishes and distributes game software and peripheral products in the key global markets. In his prior capacity as president and chief executive officer of Anderson Group, Inc., Mr. Grace successfully organized the purchase, development, and sale of RSA based cellular systems in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Previously, Mr. Grace has served as director of North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust, PLC, and as director of both Talley Industries and Republic Automotive Parts, Inc. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Mr. Grace joined CRI’s board in 1992. He is the son of CRI’s founding chairman, Oliver R. Grace.

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