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Emily Slater

Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners
New York, NY

Emily is an institutional inter-dealer broker focusing on investment grade, high yield, and distressed corporate credits at BGC Partners/Cantor Fitzgerald. Previously, she was a professional mixologist at one of downtown Manhattan's finest restaurants.
Born in Brisbane, Australia, Emily emigrated at a young age to Columbus, Ohio. It was while living in Columbus that her love for The Ohio State University was born and where she would later graduate cum laude with a degree in physics and a concentration in premedical studies. During her time at OSU, Emily was an undergraduate peer tutor and volunteer for local food bank and youth reading programs. Outside of work, Emily continues to enjoy volunteering as well as playing the violin, traveling, and occasionally performing improv or method acting. She is also a founding member of the New York Chapter of The Burger Club and a Green Bay Packers shareholder.

Emily is very proud to be part of the Young Philanthropists Council, where she can combine her love of the medical industry with her passion for charity and volunteer work. She looks forward to continuing to work through CRI to raise funds for research that will ultimately lead to a cure for cancer.