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It takes teamwork to bring new treatments to cancer patients. Scientists, patients, and donors make it possible for us to create lifesaving therapies. Thanks to our community, we continue to fund groundbreaking scientific studies leading to the next great discoveries. We launch clinical trials that give patients new options and hope. And we bring all of us closer to a world free from the fear of cancer.

Read more below about the important people behind the progress at CRI.

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  • Richard Catlett

    Savoring the Simple Pleasures with the Help of Immunotherapy

    For 7 years, Richard endured round after round of treatment for kidney cancer, but it always came back. Then, in 2013, he enrolled in a clinical trial of nivolumab.
  • Sharon Belvin

    Why Sharon Rides to Conquer Cancer

    Sharon Belvin has been melanoma free for 8 years, thanks to cancer immunotherapy. Today, she tells us why she's joining the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer to benefit CRI.
  • Emma Saunders and Husband

    The Marathon to End All Marathons

    Her family ravaged by cancer, Emma Saunders wanted to do something huge to help conquer the disease. She decided to run in the Great Wall of China Marathon as a fundraiser for the Cancer Research Institute.
  • Emily Helck

    CRI Welcomes Emily Helck, the New Patient Community Liaison

    After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and the immunotherapy Herceptin, 28-year-old Emily's breast cancer went into remission. Now cancer-free, she's joined CRI as the online community manager for its new website for patients and caregivers, TheAnswerToCancer.org.
  • Lynn Luckeroth

    From Cancer Patient to Cancer Advocate

    Lynn Luckeroth is no stranger to cancer, having lost both her mother and her son to the disease. When she herself was diagnosed with melanoma, she looked to immunotherapy.
  • Jing-Ping Hsin

    Meet the YP Fellow: Jing-Ping Hsin, Ph.D.

    Context is everything. That is as true for cells as it is for sentences. CRI’s latest Young Philanthropist (YP) Fellow, Jing-Ping Hsin, Ph.D., will be testing the role of context on gene expression in cancer.
  • Jacques C. Nordeman

    32 Years and Counting

    CRI trustee Jacques Nordeman has been steering the course against cancer for more than three decades.
  • David Courtenay

    A Pilgrimage in Spain to Fight All Cancers

    Having had four brothers battle cancer, David was inspired to make a 800km fundraising trek a journey of a lifetime.