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Meet some of the patients that have seen their cancers overcome as a result of being treated with immunotherapies, thanks to the discoveries and developments made by CRI scientists.


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  • Lynn Luckeroth

    From Cancer Patient to Cancer Advocate

    Lynn Luckeroth is no stranger to cancer, having lost both her mother and her son to the disease. When she herself was diagnosed with melanoma, she looked to immunotherapy.
  • Carley Rutledge

    Cancer Couldn’t Stop This Teenage Powerhouse

    Despite chemotherapy and radiation, Carley Rutledge's stage IV Ewing's sarcoma returned just before she started college. She then decided to enroll in a cancer immunotherapy clinical trial, and has been cancer-free since.
  • Kevin Lankes

    A Young Writer with More Than One Story to Tell

    Following a stage III melanoma diagnosis at age 25, Kevin Lankes was treated with the immunotherapy interferon. Now, more than a year cancer-free, and with a finished memoir under his belt, the young writer is looking at life from a different perspective.
  • Gene Ogle

    Pancreatic Cancer Patient Gene Ogle Fights to Control His Own Fate

    When Gene Ogle learned he had stage I pancreatic cancer in 2009, he was determined to stop the disease early by enrolling in cancer immunotherapy clinical trials. Now, with his cancer stable, Gene enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.
  • Michael Rose

    Michael Rose: Getting a New Lease on Life and Making the Most of It

    Financier Michael Rose wouldn’t have considered scuba diving, running marathons, or hiking the Grand Canyon. But a diagnosis with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma inspired him to do just that, and more.
  • Sue Bohlin

    A Two-time Cancer Sufferer Who Considers Herself Lucky

    Sue Bohlin was free from breast cancer after a five-year battle, but she was diagnosed with a new, unrelated cancer two years later: melanoma.
  • John Yaryan, prostate cancer survivor

    John Yaryan: War Hero and Cancer Immunotherapy Veteran

    When Jonathan, a 77-year-old Air Force veteran, was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, he enrolled in a phase II clinical trial to test the immunotherapy Yervoy, developed by CRI’s Scientific Advisory Council director James P. Allison, Ph.D. Now, two years later, his cancer is under control and is a vocal advocate for clinical trials.
  • Joseph Matthews

    Grateful to God and Cancer Immunotherapy

    Since enrolling in an experimental immunotherapy clinical trial in 2011, prostate cancer has significantly changed Joseph Matthew's life. For the better.
  • Christine Sable

    Christine Sable: Ovarian Cancer Survivor

    Ovarian cancer survivor Christine Sable shares her powerful story of hope and perseverance in the face of "the cancer that whispers."
  • Mary Elizabeth Williams

    Mary Elizabeth Williams: Hope, Survival, and Freedom from Cancer

    In 2010, Mary Elizabeth Williams, a young mother of two, was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. After participating in a clinical trial directed by CRI Scientific Advisory Council associate director Dr. Jedd D. Wolchok, Mary Elizabeth today is in remission.