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Give the Gift That Keeps On...Keepin' On: Why We Love Recurring Gifts

November 13, 2013 | Hannah Belisle

Recurring gifts are an easy way to simplify giving through automatic, monthly payments. Sometimes referred to as "regular giving," "committed giving," or a "monthly giving program," the concept is simple: donors commit to a donation amount that is deducted automatically using a credit or debit card on a regular, recurring basis—usually once per month. Recurring gifts have no pre-determined end date, and you can stop them at any time. They are a faithful show of support that illustrates an ongoing commitment and indefinite dedication to an organization or cause. That's why we love them!

Here are just a couple of the reasons recurring gifts are especially helpful:

  • They are economical. Recurring gifts are widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective, long-term fundraising approaches. They are handled electronically, which helps us cut back on the resources we spend on processing monthly gifts by mail (including paper, postage, and staff). Those saved resources get put right back into the hands of the research scientists around the world who are bringing us lifesaving discoveries.
  • They are reliable. Knowing we can count on automated support from our donors every month helps us to invest in more long-term, promising research that is helping our scientists conquer all types of cancer. Recurring gifts also help us project the kind of support we will be able to provide to programs in the future.
  • They make YOUR life easier. Recurring gifts eliminate the need for checks and help cut down direct mail. They enable you to give larger gifts over time than you might be able to if asked to donate all at once.
To make your next gift a recurring gift, select "Monthly Payments credit card" in the Payment Information section at the bottom of our donation page, or call us at (800) 99-CANCER.
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