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Celebrate Dads Everywhere

June 13, 2014 | Emily Livingstone

The week leading up to Father’s Day, my inbox is always slammed with emails advertising the perfect gift for dad; lists of presents “for the dad in my life” that highlight customized grill hardware and scotch rocks. And while my own father would enjoy both of those options, I know he’d really appreciate a gift that is a little bit more meaningful.

Like most families, cancer has had a major impact on our lives. We’ve had our fair share of worries and scares, and because of these experiences, we regularly take a proactive stance in our protection. This includes everything from the religious application of sunscreen to the support of organizations that are leading the fight against cancer with immunotherapy.

The most important breakthrough in the fight against cancer since chemotherapy, immunotherapies harness the immune system, completely changing the way we treat and control this horrible disease. This personalized treatment teaches your immune system how to recognize and attack cancer cells, producing previously unheard of remission rates in melanoma, among other cancer types.

And this is just the beginning. Consider making a donation in honor of your father; you’ll be giving him a meaningful gift that also advances innovative research. This Father’s Day, let’s stand together to conquer cancer.

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