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Adding a Charitable Dimension

July 29, 2014 | Emily Livingstone

One of the most popular planned giving options these days is a Charitable Remainder Trust. These are trusts that provide you (or your chosen beneficiary) with an annual income before the Cancer Research Institute receives the remainder. And rather than receive a set payment, a remainder trust can provide you with income that could increase if your trust value increases. 

Here are the top five benefits you may experience with a charitable remainder trust:

  • Increased returns from low-yielding assets.
  • A reduction or elimination of income, capital gain, estate and/or gift taxes that could otherwise be due.
  • The ability to diversify investments and the potential for tax-free growth of assets over time.
  • The creation of a source of income for yourself or others such as a spouse, parents, children, a beloved employee, etc.
  • The knowledge that you will be making a significant gift to further the work of the Cancer Research Institute.

Remainder trusts are a great way to make a gift while retaining income for yourself or others; an excellent way to combine your personal planning goals with your desire to support the innovative, lifesaving work of the Cancer Research Institute. To learn more about other types of planned gifts, check out the Visionary, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – we’re always happy to provide more information or help determine the right gift for you.

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