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CRI and AACR To Collaborate on New Scientific Journal

July 19, 2013 | Michelle Liew

When the Academy of Cancer Immunology and Lloyd J. Old, M.D., CRI’s founding scientific and medical director, established the open access journal Cancer Immunity in 2001, the field of cancer immunology was entering a mature phase in its development. Dr. Old believed that the long cherished hopes of effective immune-based therapies for cancer would, in the coming decades, become a reality for patients. It became essential that scientists dedicated to researching the body’s immune system to control cancer, share and publish their findings so that their academic peers can work together to develop safer treatments in the clinical environment.

Now, not more than 12 years since the journal’s launch, Cancer Immunity has disseminated many types of influential content important to cancer immunologists, including original research articles, reviews, hypotheses, and case studies, which join thousands of scientific papers published in other scholarly journals that further confirm the value of this new extraordinary approach to cancer treatment.

However, on July 15, 2013, Cancer Immunity, the official journal of the Cancer Research Institute, announced that it had published its final issue and will be merged with Cancer Immunology Research, the new journal of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), in collaboration with CRI. Like Cancer Immunity, Cancer Immunology Research, which highlights our partnership on the journal’s cover, will publish research articles reporting major advances in all areas of cancer immunology and will feature CRI-related events and activities.

This exciting new commitment will not only preserve the legacy of Dr. Old’s vision and the journal he founded, but more importantly, accelerate the scientific exchange of discoveries and developments in this field with a larger academic and industry community of oncologists and other cancer specialists that will “bring to the benefit of cancer patients the best basic science possible and the most informative clinical trials,” stated Glenn Dranoff, M.D., founding editor-in-chief of Cancer Immunology Research.

To learn more about the new collaboration on the journal, you may visit, or read the joint news release and letter by Drs. Glen Dranoff and Jim Allison published in Cancer Immunology Research.


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