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Take the Pledge

April 25, 2014 | Michelle Liew

The words “cancer immunotherapy” have in the last few years gained increased attention in the media as a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is providing new options and improved outcomes for patients with many different types of cancer, at different stages of disease. Because of the many recent successes, cancer immunotherapy was named the 2013 Breakthrough of the Year by Science magazine. It is becoming a treatment option for more patients newly diagnosed, in remission, or facing cancer again, who are looking for smarter, more effective ways to overcome the disease.

Yet, there are just as many patients and caregivers who may not be aware that cancer immunotherapy exists.

Join the Cancer Research Institute this June for the second annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month and help us raise awareness of this game-changing class of medicine. This year, we’ve developed an exciting series of educational events, celebrations, and fundraising programs, all designed to put cancer immunotherapy “on the map.” We encourage you to participate and get involved in any of our activities—ranging from attending webinars to hearing the latest breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy from the field's leaders, to White Out Cancer by wearing white on June 6, and sharing photos on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

But more importantly, we’re asking you to take a pledge and spread the word about cancer immunotherapy to your family, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances. By educating yourself and others about this powerful new approach to unleash the body’s immune system to attack all types of cancer, you’re starting a conversation that will empower patients and their caregivers in their journey.

Sign your name and tell someone you love about cancer immunotherapy today.

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