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Investigator Awards

As researchers leave the nurturing confines of their sponsors’ laboratory, they are confronted with many new responsibilities and decisions tied to the work involved in establishing their own laboratories. To aid scientists during this period while still promoting rigorous and innovative research, the Institute established the Investigator Award in 1986.

These awards are not tied to any specific research project. Rather, as these scientists embark on their careers, the awards provide them the freedom to pursue promising lines of inquiry that their new responsibilities otherwise might not allow them to follow. The aim of the program is to provide flexibility and a degree of stability in what is essentially a make-or-break period in the scientist’s life.

A committee of seven scientists from our Scientific Advisory Council selects award recipients based on their entire past body of work as well as their potential for making exceptional contributions to the field in the future.

CRI is not currently accepting applications for this program.



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