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MedImmune is a vertically integrated biotechnology company of approximately 3,500 employees, headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and wholly owned by AstraZeneca. Positioned among the world’s leading biotechnology companies, MedImmune has one of the industry’s largest pipelines, with over 100 research products and product candidates focused on infection, oncology, respiratory disease and inflammation, cardiovascular/gastrointestinal disease, and neuroscience.

In October 2012, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), Ludwig Cancer Research, and MedImmune entered into a partnership to advance clinical trials that will test novel combinations of cancer immunotherapies. This "first of a kind collaboration" will allow CRI and  Ludwig to design and implement early cancer immunotherapy trials using three investigational monoclonal antibodies from MedImmune's portfolio: a CTLA-4 blocking antibody (Tremelimumab), OX40 receptor agonist antibody, and a B7-H1 (or PD-L1) blocking antibody. These antibodies modify regulatory checkpoints of the immune system, and are able to increase a patient's immune response. These trials may include combination studies with other agents or interventions available to CRI and Ludwig, or potentially accessed through additional partnerships through its global network of clinical immunologists and oncologists known as the Clinical Vaccine Collaborative (CVC).

Read our October 2012 news release announcing our partnership here, or the article featured in "The Pink Sheet Daily" here.