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Create a Fundraising Page

Become a community fundraiser and dedicate your birthday, wedding anniversary, or any celebration to the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). Celebrate your occasion by making a significant difference and a substantial contribution to CRI’s work to conquer cancer with safe, effective immunotherapies.

After you've decided on how you will fundraise for CRI, you can create your own personal fundraising campaign webpage, where we provide you with simple and easy tools that will help maximize your pledge. You can build and personalize your own webpage to share your story, set fundraising goals, collect donations, and send emails and acknowledge your supporters.

Make sure to share your page with your friends, family, and colleagues through an email, a blog, Facebook, or Twitter, and ask them to donate to your fundraising efforts. Monitor all your donations and be sure to thank everyone for donating.


This year, make your birthday a truly memorable one by dedicating your special day to the fight against cancer. Have your friends and family donate to CRI in lieu of buying you gifts and create an unforgettable birthday by funding critical research and investing in the early development of promising new therapies that harness the body’s immune system.



Consider asking your guests to make a donation to the Cancer Research Institute on your behalf in lieu of a wedding gift. It’s a meaningful way to celebrate your new life together while making a significant difference and a substantial contribution to CRI's work to conquer cancer.



Wear White to Work

At the Cancer Research Institute, white signifies immunotherapy’s power to treat all cancers. Start your own campaign by bringing together your employees and colleagues to wear white for a day to spread awareness and raise funds. You can also partner with CRI during the month of June for Cancer Immunotherapy Month and join the Fight with White.


Other Ideas

You can use any celebration or special event in your life to dedicate to CRI. Pledge your anniversary day, holidays, graduation, baby showers, or memorial day of a lost loved one to raise funds for CRI. The possibilities are endless!




Need help?

Still have questions? Visit the “Team CRI Fundraising” section of our Frequently Asked Questions, read our Terms and Conditions, or contact Hannah Belisle at or (212) 688-7515.