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Kerry Wentworth

Lexington, MA

Ms. Kerry Wentworth is vice president, clinical operations and regulatory affairs at Agenus (formerly Antigenics), a biotechnology company with a late-stage development focus on an autologous therapeutic cancer vaccine. In this capacity, she is responsible for the execution of all phases of clinical development and defining associated regulatory strategy. Ms. Wentworth has over twelve years of global regulatory experience supporting the development, global licensing, and post-marketing activities associated with multiple drug and biological products.Prior to joining Antigenics in 2004, she worked for a number of biotechnology companies including Genelabs Technologies, Shaman Pharmaceuticals, and Genzyme Corporation. As part of her professional experience, she has also been responsible for other key functional areas, including quality assurance and clinical compliance. Ms. Wentworth received a BS in pre-veterinary medicine from the University of New Hampshire.