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Initiatives & Tools

The Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium has served the cancer immunotherapy community since 2002 and has made significant contributions to progress in the field. Through seminars, workshops, working groups, and online consensus-building projects supported by immunological and clinical data from cancer immunotherapy trials, the Consortium works to address several of the key issues facing the cancer immunotherapy field.

  • MIATA Project

    The Minimal Information About T cell Assays (MIATA) Project provides recommendations on the minimum information required to allow an objective and thorough interpretation of published results from immunological T cell assays.

  • Immune Assay Proficiency/Harmonization Panels

    The proficiency panel program helps facilitate and harmonize immune monitoring approaches in the cancer immunotherapy field.

  • Community Consensus

    Community initiatives help foster interaction and collaboration among the Consortium and promotes alliances with partner organizations.

  • Regulatory Guidance

    The CIC addresses regulatory issues and aims to define and overcome targeted challenges in cancer immunotherapy development.

  • Meetings & Workshops

    Meetings, conferences, and workshops allow for networking and the exchange of information among the greater cancer immunotherapy field.

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Want to learn more about the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium? Contact a CIC representative at or (212) 688-7515.