Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer and the Immune System

We here at Cancer Research Institute recognize that further advancement in the field of cancer immunotherapy research depends on increased public understanding of the enormous power of the immune system and its connection to cancer.

To help build that critical understanding, we have prepared this guide, which answers a number of commonly asked questions about cancer, the immune system, and the latest trends in immunotherapy.

In the first chapter, the reader is introduced to the concept of cancer as the defining term for a panoply of diseases underpinned by two common features. This chapter ends with an introduction to the human immune system and how its normal function and cancer prevention are inextricably linked. We move on to chapter 2 for a discussion of the immune system thus setting the stage for the introduction of immunotherapy in chapter 3.

The next three chapters (4-6) constitute a tour de force into almost every form of currently available immunotherapeutic regimens and how they are faring in worldwide clinical trials. The seventh chapter is full of hope: reminding us of how far we have come and how much further we must travel on this exhilarating but arduous journey of battling cancer. The remainder of the book provides a brief look at the techniques behind the progress we have made in this field of biomedical science.

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The Humoral Immune Response


The Cellular Immune Response


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