About CRI

Scientific Leadership

We are proud to count many of the world's leading immunologists and tumor immunologists among our community of scientific leaders. These include Nobel laureates and members of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as clinical oncologists with expertise in cancer immunotherapy, and industry leaders versed in the challenges of drug development. 

Together, these experts ensure that our programs continue to achieve the most impact possible and that CRI remains at the cutting-edge of the science of tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy.

  • Scientific Advisory Council

    Scientific Advisory Council

    A distinguished body of the world's leading expert immunologists who voluntarily guide the development of the Institute’s cancer immunology research programs.

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  • CVC Leadership

    CVC Leadership

    Experts in clinical trial strategy, planning, and management, nonprofit investment fund management, program administration, and communications.

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  • CIC Steering Committee


    A group of experienced industry leaders who represent the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC).

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  • Grant Review Committee Members

    Grant Review Committee Members

    A panel of select members of the Scientific Advisory Council responsible for thoroughly evaluating applications received for CRI's grants and fellowships.

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  • Academy of Cancer Immunology


    An international society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and clinical research, dedicated to the furtherance of the study of the role of immunity in cancer and to its use for the treatment of cancer.

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