About CRI

Ludwig Cancer Research

Our longest standing partnership is with Ludwig Cancer Research (Ludwig). Ludwig is a global non-profit cancer research organization committed to improving the control of cancer through integrated laboratory and clinical research and novel therapeutic strategies based on the emerging understanding of cancer. Among its many strengths, Ludwig possesses expertise in clinical development and trial management, and manages an impressive portfolio of cancer antigen targets, including the prototypic and highly immunogenic cancer/testis antigen, NY-ESO-1.

In 2001, CRI and Ludwig teamed up to create a centralized, coordinated, integrated network of clinical trial sites with expertise in immunological monitoring called the Cancer Vaccine Collaborative (CVC). The CVC challenged the then-current models of one-off, investigator-initiated trials and industry-controlled clinical trials that had to-date not moved the needle far enough in the field. Rather, CRI and Ludwig established a system of parallel, early-phase clinical trials where investigators in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia freely share their data with the goal of accelerating the pace of clinical discovery.

Both organizations set strategy and provide oversight to ensure the program’s success. Additionally, CRI provides funding for the trials, and Ludwig lends its clinical trial management expertise and services to facilitate trial development and operation. Together, CRI, Ludwig, and its network of more than 25 sites worldwide have initiated almost 50 phase I and phase II clinical trials over the past decade, and have established an unparalleled body of knowledge about the human immune response to vaccination with a defined cancer antigen.