About CRI

Academy of Cancer Immunology

The Academy of Cancer Immunology was established in 1998 to advance understanding of the role of immunity in cancer and to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of cancer immunology. The Academy currently has members from 11 countries and holds annual elections for Academy membership.

The Academy, which was founded through a generous gift from the Cancer Research Institute, is responsible for organizing the annual CRI International Symposium Series on cancer vaccines and antibody-based therapies, as well as selecting the recipients of CRI’s annual William B. Coley Award for Distinguished Research in Basic and Tumor Immunology.

From 2001-2011, the Academy was the official sponsoring organization for the publication of Cancer Immunity. In January 2012, the open access journal was adopted as the official journal of the Cancer Research Institute, enabling it to benefit more broadly from and to better reflect CRI’s resources and constituencies.